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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig for Maya 2.2.0 (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:09/18/2017
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Bugs (93 reported) Help make this item even better. Your bug reports are appreciated!

Date Priority Title Status
09/25/2017 medium V. 2.1.6 - Clone Module, Broken. Maya 2017 + 2018 Pending
09/22/2017 medium Bug 002 (v1 - 2.1.8) - Fk chain to fk chain not mirroring. Pending
09/22/2017 medium Bugs 001 (v2.1.8) -Attaching module is scaling the children. Pending
09/21/2017 high Amr Joints Outside SHJ groups - V. 2.2.0 PC Pending
09/11/2017 medium Missing wrist twist on default biped rig Pending
09/02/2017 high Latest version bugs so far Pending
08/30/2017 medium toe rolls and foot rocks Pending
08/18/2017 medium keyframes disappear when I select any controller Pending
08/09/2017 high script duplicates root controller, dunno why ?! Pending
08/07/2017 high Unable to create two FK chains from ROOT Pending
08/01/2017 medium mirroring animation messes up color on the controllers Pending
07/28/2017 high potential mirroring bug Pending
07/21/2017 high Rebuild rig error Pending
07/15/2017 medium build failure when creating modules attached to hips Pending
06/22/2017 medium Finger ik bad Curl Deform Pending
05/19/2017 medium RapidRig_Modular_V2_Selector not working Pending
04/28/2017 high RRM_ROOT.overrideEnabled Pending
04/08/2017 medium attach module to new node Pending
04/07/2017 low Record Rest Pose not working correctly Pending
04/05/2017 high Head Top Joint has rotation values on it which breaks scaling of the head Pending
04/03/2017 medium Ribbon Spline with X-Axis twist flips when turning on "Follow Fk Ctrl" Pending
03/28/2017 high Problem with SH spline IK Pending
03/17/2017 high Envelope Issue During Rebuild Operation Pending
03/17/2017 medium Saved Proxy Loads with Arms Offset Pending
03/17/2017 high Saving Proxy and Reloading has arm positions offset Pending
03/16/2017 medium Maya 2017 - RR 2.1.4. Human template spine mirroring incorrectly Pending
03/08/2017 medium Proxy Creation Orientation Issues. Rapid Rig 2.1.4 Maya 2017 Update 2 Pending
03/07/2017 medium Shoulder Controller Not being Mirrored Correctl Pending
02/14/2017 medium Maya 2017 - RR 2.1.1. Mirror Pose Causes Incorrent Axis Mirroring Closed
02/14/2017 medium Maya 2017 - RR 2.1.1. All nurbs are unhidden when referencing Active
02/06/2017 medium Version 2.1 Selector Not launching & leftover prints Closed
02/01/2017 medium IK fingers and some more... Closed
02/01/2017 medium Attach selected modules to new module not working Maya 2017 Pending
01/31/2017 medium Cannot autorig with FK chains value of 10 (ten fingers) Closed
01/31/2017 medium IK FK Matching not Working on 2.0.8 Closed
01/30/2017 medium Load setup hard crashes Maya 2016 Active
01/10/2017 medium Preserve current skinning and weights not work Closed
01/02/2017 medium About a gimbal phenomenon in the limb's joints. Active
12/29/2016 medium Wrist weighing problem Active
11/22/2016 medium About a gimbal phenomenon in the limb's joints. Active
10/31/2016 low New Attach Module No longer works consistenly. RR 2.0.6 Maya 2017 Pending
10/04/2016 medium SH Joints not created for Aux controls Active
10/04/2016 medium Dave Fothergill Closed
09/15/2016 medium 2.0.3: Aux joints don't mirror with selector controls Closed
09/05/2016 low Scale Controls, Mirror function broken Pending
08/09/2016 medium Selector does not work on referenced rigs in 2.0.1 Closed
06/28/2016 high Critical: IK Leg bones don't rotate properly 1.8.2 when using Twist Joints Pending
03/13/2016 high base Foot controllers does not functioning leg bones. Pending
03/01/2016 medium Cannot rotate along X-axis only in graph editor Pending
02/28/2016 high Quadruped Template Issue Closed
01/12/2016 medium Mirrored IK Spline Closed
12/13/2015 high IK to FK snapping not working on legs v 1.6.8 Pending
10/01/2015 high 1.6.3 - Local Axis on Spine controls are wrong Closed
09/24/2015 low Horizontal Tail Orientation Closed
09/01/2015 high 1.6.3 Controls on spline for quadruped are wrong. Closed
08/13/2015 medium COG doesn't stay repositioned Closed
01/05/2015 low Clone Doesn't seem to Work Closed
11/25/2014 low The "MMR" ignoring name spaces. Closed
11/19/2014 high Head parts scale. Pending
10/29/2014 high leg and... Closed
10/15/2014 high Rapid Rig: Modular Selector 1.4.4_ LEGS IK to FK Error Closed
09/21/2014 medium Generating a rig in world units "meters" fails to complete, or return error Closed
09/15/2014 medium Pinned Modules cause issues with saved setups (v1.4.7) Closed
07/29/2014 medium Quadruped Hind legs issue Pending
07/25/2014 high Follow FK on Spline Not Working Correctly Closed
06/25/2014 high arm problem Closed
06/22/2014 high Problem Referencing Rig in v 1.4.2 Closed
06/07/2014 high Spine Bug Closed
06/01/2014 medium One Joint FK modules causes generating rig to fail Closed
05/31/2014 high FK Chain Orientation Pending
05/24/2014 low InvGrp? Closed
05/18/2014 high Spine IK - Mid Control Behavior Closed
05/18/2014 high Spine Joint Chain Closed
05/12/2014 high Error: line 11739 when generating rig Closed
05/06/2014 high Quadruped Spine Issue Closed
05/01/2014 medium 1.3.2. Rotation values in hip-joint are flipping Pending
04/30/2014 medium VERSION 1.3.1 Arm_Elbow Module Closed
04/30/2014 high missing node?? Closed
04/28/2014 medium On 1.3.0 FKtoIK on selector do not work Closed
04/21/2014 low Corrective blendshape breaks the rig Pending
04/08/2014 high Joints misalign when loading saved shapes Closed
03/27/2014 low Minor error when generating quadruped preset Closed
03/26/2014 high spine issue when scaling the rig Pending
03/26/2014 high Spine control Axis pointing downward on quadruped setup Pending
03/19/2014 high Unable to Complete "Generate Rig" Closed
02/26/2014 high Got this error when generating rig Closed
02/21/2014 high Roll joints not folowing main control. Closed
01/28/2014 low Proxy Deletion Closed
01/28/2014 low Arachnid Preset Closed
01/11/2014 high closing the scene Closed
01/06/2014 high roll bone issue in biceps. Closed
12/27/2013 high modular selector 1.0.7 not working with maya 2012 Pending
12/18/2013 high ElbowIKC & Leg_KneeIKC follow issue Closed
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