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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.2.9 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:02/11/2018
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Q/A Topics Trying to figure something out? Ask the author here.

Date Question
01/15/2018 RRS issue
01/13/2018 Motion retargeting
11/06/2017 Face Rigs
10/26/2017 RRM Error - 23409 - Can't Select Skinning Joints
10/25/2017 RapidRig_Modular_V2.mel line 15527 error
10/20/2017 Inconsistent finger curl direction
10/05/2017 Head+Jaw offset while retargeting
09/20/2017 Scaling and locators
09/19/2017 default jointOrient
09/17/2017 mirroring error, happens a lot
09/14/2017 Weird Interface issue
09/14/2017 Error Install V1 to Maya 2009
09/13/2017 facial setup ?
09/12/2017 Download Older Versions
09/02/2017 MotionBuilder workflow ?
08/19/2017 gimbal on IK controllers, arms and legs problem
07/22/2017 is there a difference in private and comm vers ?
05/18/2017 Maya freeze in 30s when select any control
04/20/2017 Can't Download Purchased item
03/20/2017 Error when selecting single hierarchy joints
03/16/2017 Single Hierarchy Joint Options
03/14/2017 Upper Arm Twist Bone Flipping
03/13/2017 Arm Twist Controls
03/12/2017 Mirror Module weird flipping connection
02/18/2017 Legacy versions?
02/14/2017 how to add an attribute to the root control?
02/09/2017 Tutorial
01/22/2017 Rotating root CTRL causes curve joint mesh error
01/18/2017 How to do positioning and scaling joint?
01/18/2017 How your plugin helps to make skinning
01/18/2017 How to adjust the rig to size of my 3D model?
01/11/2017 Single chain joints, root joint on the origin
11/23/2016 adding FK chain to roll joint leg
11/22/2016 About prefix names and StudioLibrary.
11/17/2016 Problem using an FK chain as spine
11/12/2016 corrective blend shapes after skinning?
10/02/2016 Can you scale proxy components?
09/23/2016 Root control curve generates with off-axis non-zero l...
09/08/2016 Updating v1 rigs to v2?
09/01/2016 Multiple references of same character and RRSelector...
08/25/2016 Squash and stretch?
08/21/2016 Rapid Rig older version compatibility
08/14/2016 error: Skin on ROOTJnt was bound to a different pose.
07/26/2016 difference?
07/24/2016 Delete Rig
07/23/2016 eye controls dont work
07/14/2016 Ball and toes and IK wrists no rotations
07/08/2016 Import RRM rigged Charakter to Maya without RRM
05/10/2016 Mirroring Arms or Legs
05/05/2016 Deleting Proxy bones with reference pipeline
05/02/2016 Scaling Auxiliary Bones
04/01/2016 avoid face skin deformation depending on eyecontrol m...
03/31/2016 flip wrist
03/21/2016 Unlock the rig
03/19/2016 Z-Up
03/13/2016 Foot and Knee controls doesnt fuctioning on 1.7.7
03/12/2016 IK problem
03/08/2016 Super Simple Game Rig
01/25/2016 COG control
01/10/2016 Deleted rig and can't create a new one from proxy.
01/07/2016 Finger controls as in RRA
12/22/2015 Eyes as children to neck
12/13/2015 Standard IK chains as modules
09/08/2015 Maya 2016
08/19/2015 Moving a joint's position after rig has been created ...
08/12/2015 Very slow proxy and rig creation maya 2016 win 7 x64
05/22/2015 Lines near the feet... RRM_l_Leg_FootLeftTilt RRM_l_L...
05/13/2015 Cycle error causing delay when selecting MAINCntrl
04/30/2015 Adding joints to an animated rig.
03/03/2015 thumbs break with fk/ik switch
01/21/2015 Build fails if units set to Meters
01/07/2015 Single Hierarchy Twist joint rotates badly when the r...
01/03/2015 convert smooth skin to muscle system
01/01/2015 possibility to change world axis to Z up?
01/01/2015 not able to create a a shelf - results in a crash
12/31/2014 Low FPS?
12/22/2014 Driving blendshapes
12/19/2014 Unable to Install/Path Doesn't Exist
11/10/2014 Rigging Eyes on Bi-Ped Template
10/26/2014 can't generate modular rig
10/09/2014 hand fk controls orientation problem.
10/05/2014 HumanIK
10/05/2014 Mirror tool
09/25/2014 Connection not made error in RapidRig_Modular_V1_04_08
09/12/2014 Foot flips out.
09/12/2014 Edit Modules off axis
09/04/2014 How are updates distribute?
08/29/2014 Error: No object Matches Name: graphEditor1FromOutliner
08/07/2014 Arm setup
07/13/2014 How do we get the updates?
07/13/2014 Error Msg Upon Clicking On Generate Rig
07/06/2014 Rigging an existing skeleton
06/04/2014 Auxiliary
05/11/2014 RapidRig_Modular.mel line 11739 error
05/11/2014 can't use preset
04/12/2014 eyeLookAt
12/18/2013 Control Curve Resize & Selector
11/22/2013 FK chain weirdness
10/31/2013 Flipping joints and Referenced rigs
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