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Urban Pacification Unit 0.0.4 for Maya

The Urban Pacification Unit.


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  • 2014

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:12/14/2016
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Model fiction

The Urban Pacification Unit was created to combat the ever growing civil unrest in UK cities.  The design brief specified that it do so in a non lethal manner and was able to traverse an unpredictable and dangerous environment with ease.
This is the prototype. Despite numerous successful field tests it never went into production, prohibitive cost implications and reliabilty concerns cited as the main reasons.

I started this rig back in 2012 and at the time I had big plans. Unfortuntely other things got in the way and eventually my enthusiasm waned. Recently I made the decision to release it into the public rather than forget about it. I have tidied it up and attempted to make it more usable, also improving the materials hoping to make it look more appealing. I look forward to seeing what can be created using it.

The rig has the following features
  • Fast simple rig
  • Automated toes - when foot rises
  • Over-ride controls for toes 
  • Procedural textures
  • Mental Ray ray ready for rendering 
Please contact me for any suggestions/requirements/issues/support and I will attempt to address them

Future areas to improve
  • Improved glass material
  • Improved procedural materials
  • Implement selectable mesh render resolutions
  • Implement selectable mesh real time resolutions
  • More moving animatable parts
  • Model improvements
  • UV mapping for more focussed textures and materials 
  • Improve cockpit detail 
      I would love to see the work you create using the rig.

      *Please note. The file is setup to have the real time renderer using the "default material" this is because I'm using a number of shaders that display as flat black in the viewport. At this point I don't know of another way to avoid the problem.

      *If you want to get better real time performce whislt rendering, selct all the polygons and press "1" on the keyboard. This won't effect the final render output.



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