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Heribert Raab reviews Nuke 5 in depth
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Heribert Raab reviews Nuke 5 in depth
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  • Hedjabw

    Hedjabw said 4 months ago:

    This blog is good for all readers.
  • said 6 months ago:

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  • Pau Rocher

    Pau Rocher said over 10 years ago:

    Good article! Nuke is also my preferred software to when I work. I am scared now when I have to work with Shake that is also a very good software but oooooold and slooooooow... ... For the curve editor, you can move a lot of points to a same value in the following way: 1. select the keys you want to move 2. go to edit / Move... (in the contextual menu in the curve editor) and enter the values in x or y axis!! A cool thing that Shake has in the curve editor are the Transform HotKeys. Very useful to edit groups of keyFrames in cool ways! Thanks for the article, .pau!!

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