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Autorig : bird and flying creature 1.4.0 for Maya (maya script)

Autorig for bird and flying creature

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Last Modified:10/30/2015
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fk, pymel, maya, creature, Rig, autorig

- compatibility with maya 2016
- add security line
- code rework in creation
- Neck Procedure rework
- New UI
- Add XTRAS Menu:
    - Change ctrl size
    - Change control position
    - Joint display size
    - locator display size
    - improve clean outliner proc

Include :

- FREE updates and support as quickly as I can
- customizable number of finger, toe, neck and spine joints
- Special Set Driven Key menu
- Many user friendly options
- Many video tutorial link in Skin menu & Add Control.

if you  have a bad magic number when you try to launch this script. Ask me and i will fix it ASAP


This a rapid autorig for bird and flying creature, you can build and rebuild the different part very quickly.

You can create a quickly complex rig for bird or other creature with wings in less of 10 minutes. 

Possibility of rename your rig and come back after if you want modify some part with the 'Add Name' and 'Delete Name' in CLEAN PROJECT AND RIG' section.

A special set driven key was build for automatise some animation. Tweak your value and update it.

The setup system was based on IK / FK method.

Easy to come back on any part, modify, rename and other.

The set driven key menu is most powerfull as the set driven key of maya because all function and expression are directly refined.

If you have any question open a threat.

Thanks for watching and using my script. 


* if you find some bug i will be fix it ASAP

If you have any idea to improve this autorig, send me a mail. 

Have fun. 

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