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Ninja UV for Maya 6.2.0 (maya script)

A complete set of UV mapping and UV editing tools.

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

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Last Modified:06/10/2017
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Ninja UV
Compatible with Maya 2012 - 2017


Ninja UV Install

1. unzip the files to any directory. Example C:/Users/Brian/Documents/maya/2016/scripts/Ninja_Dojo/

2. Copy the icons to your Maya icons DirectoryTo find the icon directory in maya,  type this in the Script Editor in a mel tab:  internalVar -userBitmapsDir;It will look similar to this: // Result: C:/Users/Brian/Documents/maya/2016/prefs/icons/ // 

3. Source/Run the mel file
Type the following line into the script editor

Example: source"C:/Users/Brian/Documents/maya/2016/scripts/Ninja_Dojo/Ninja_UV.mel";Ninja_UV;
Make sure you change the directory to where you unzipped the files.hilite the line and click on the play button at the top of the Script Editor window.  This will open Ninja UV.

4. Add a button to your shelf 
hilite the line, then drag and drop it onto a Shelf.  When asked Save script to shelf as type, Click MEL

Ninja UV 6.2
1. Added option to show UV/persp panel inside the Ninja UV.
2. Added option to show persp panel inside the Ninja UV editor window.
3. Added map tab inside Ninja UV editor window.
4. Added Align UV Left, Align UV Right, Align UV Top, and Align UV Bottom with edge selection.
5. Added [Apply Material From Last Selected Face] in the material Tab.
6. Added PBR Material Library.
7. Added Rotate UV.
8. Fixed Uv linking when switching uv sets.
9. Added Tiling info in Check Ratio.
10. Added UV Toolbar in the Ninja UV Editor Window.

Ninja UV 6.1
1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Move UV in either UV space or Pixel Space.
3. Moved UVSets to the Edit Tab
4. Added Material Tab. Has 4 materials for grids of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096
5. Added Create/Assign Material from Texture. Select texture for the color channel. if normal map and spec map have suffixes it will automatically add those to the corret slots.

(some videos are from older versions of Ninja UV)

Ninja UV Demo

Texture Baking Options (AO, LM, Checker, Color, UV)

Texure/UV Atlasing

Mapping a Character

KAM /Ninja Mapping

Edge Mapping (only works on 2010 and below)

Edit UV's


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