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TTools - Pro - Professional Tools 6.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

TTools is a collection of scripts for Maya. They are utilized by professionals across the game, film, architecture, automotive, and industrial design industries.

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Version History

Thomas_Tools for Maya
Release Notes and Overview


Added ObjectsToOrigin button.
Fixed UI - Window now retains user pref position.

Fixed a bug where multiple paths in MAYA_SHELF_PATH would cause the TTools shelf to fail to load.
Fixed licensing for RavenFL.
Improved licensing to catch edge cases.
Fixed a bug for Invalid flag -lt on older versions of Maya.
Fixed a bug where modifying divisions would result in corrupt geo.



::Major modifications to installation, uninstallation, and deployment.
::A single installation of TTools now propagates to all installed versions of Maya.
::All old TTools files are purged to mitigate any potential conflicts with old uninstalled versions.

::Integration of version notes to TT_VersionInfo via launch button to web file.
::TT_UnwrapByHardEdges python version. Rewrite of the code from MEL to python. Circumvents BonusTools script which is no longer supported by Autodesk.
::TT_MirrorPivot defaults to duplication method.


::Improved update process to automatically kick off installer after downloading.


::Integration from laptop to desktop.
::Reconfiguration of Builder processes to handle whitespace in "My Documents" versus "Documents"
::Bug fix for uninstaller introduced by repathing of log in
::RavenFL - Implemented "catch" if latest installer does not exist on the network.

::Improved License stability.
::Better event handling in the case of a license error.
::Fixed OSX license authentication bug.

::Version updater triggered on startup scene load instead of idle for faster authentication.

::Version number integration to module.
::Pushed bootstrap to module and removed integration of TTools from personal userSetup files.
::Fixes userSetup files for users who installed
::Version updater delayed until Maya idle before execution. Fixes PyQt Fatal Assert if user attempts to move GUI prior to full Maya initialization.
::NSIS modules added to Source Backup.
::Better message dialogue during uninstallation to alleviate confusion.
::Robocopy Sync batch file consolidation.
::Zip file authentication bypassed.


::Multiple bux fixes and compatibility for Maya 2017.

::Bug Fix. Addressed duplicate named object error.

::Bug Fix. Previous history deletion bug fix introduced a bug if there were identally named objects in the scene (in different groups).
::Bug Fix. Object history was creating unexpected results if the history was extensive.
::Compatibility fix for Maya 2017. Fixed duplicate variable declaration warnings.
::Removed _DUP naming method in favor of letting maya handle renaming.

::UI Overhaul and speed improvement.

::Maya 2017 Compatibility support.

::Implementation of version control and upgrade system. TTools will now automatically check for the latest version online and prompt the user to download and install.
::Maya 2017 Compatibility support.
::Improved installer and now comes with Uninstaller.
::License key permutation.
::Fixed Registry entries for installers on Win64&32 systems.


Build 5.0
::Integration of Uninstaller and Registry Keys

Build 4.9
::Supports all color channels
::Select by color within threshold
::Relative color shifting

::Add/remove prefixes or suffixes
::Recursively name through hierarchy
::Numerical and alphanumeric extension counters

Build 4.8