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UTILITIES for RIG (create controls, blending IK/FK, attribute follow, duplicate joint, mirror controls, orient joint, corrective blend shape) 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

12 Utilities for rigging.

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Last Modified:10/03/2019
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UTILITIES for RIG (12 Tools in ONE)



1) Duplicate joint/object: Select object and insert text and how to replace it. Script creates a copy with new name
2) Split Joint: split your joint chain in N joints
3) Create controls: select shapes (cube, circle or arrows), choose temporary constraint and constraint, select attributes to lock. Script creates your controls on joint selected
4) Element on object: create joint or locator on the element with temporary constraint
5) Mirror controls: you can mirror controls an axis to another (for example +X --> -X)
6) Create Blending IK/FK: create your switch control for blending your IK/Fk chains
7) Create Follow Attribute: Create an attribute to switch from 0-1. You can control if an object can follow another one.
8) Create foot: create foot chain and all controls (roll, side, twist, ...)

1) Mirror Value Locator: Save position of left and center locators and mirror them to right
2) Blend shape corrective: create quickly blend shape corrective.

You can choose controls'color

- Move all these python files in the folder Documents/maya/script/utilities_rig
- Open Maya. In the Script Editor (Python) and run:

import utilities_for_rig
from utilities_for_rig import *

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