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mtAutoDebris 2.7.2 for Maya (maya script)

mtAutoDebris is a fast solution for creating highend VFX of debris and other effects

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Last Modified:12/15/2022
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mtAutoDebris is a fully automated system for creating highend VFX debris type effects and other particle instancing solutions. I have been working in the VFX industries for many years and this tool and the idea behind has been polished and developed by many different projects.

Setting up a good particle instancer in maya takes a lot of hard work and expert skills. With mtAutoDebris you can litteraly be finished in minutes and spend all your time finetuning and creating more iterations. 

Perfect tool for creating explosions, sprays, gun shots, cracking holes, splinters, dirt, flows of serials and more.

Features:Generates three typyes of debris, but can also use custom geometry.
Emit from point, curve and geometry with easy controls.
Lots of control for randomness make beautyfull results. 
Random size with bias towards smaller pieces.
Random rotation, bigger pieces turn slower.
Stray particles, control random stray particles that have very different behaviour.
Random speed.
Different emission types: Point, curve and surface.
Very easy to use controls gives much better control than default maya emitters.
Baking particles to animated geometry, for easy pipeline integration and manual finetuning, and exporting without dynamics.
Baking can be interrupted at will.
Rolling, self colliding, stickiness, nParticle based. 
Copying settings from one controler to another. Euler fixing animation cureves after baking.
Seed function for more control over randomness.
And more......

Tested on Windows and Mac.

Hope you enjout playing with this powerfull debris script!

Short demo:

Interface and Controls: More in depth explanation.


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