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Overlappy 0.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Simple script to add overlaps

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  • 2019, 2018

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Last Modified:03/21/2019
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This is a simple tool for add some overlaps. Baking of translation and rotation is divided by 2 differrent steps.
Based on:
  • nParticle based
  • animation baking to layers for every selected object
  • work with cycles
How to use:
  • For install just open script in script editor and press button "Save Script to Shelf"
  • Run translation sim: you need select 1 or more objects
  • Run rotation sim: you need select 2 or more objects. Last selected object will be the target for the previous one
  • RESET ALL: clears all values in script window.
  • DELETE ALL: only for "OVERLAPPY" layer delete and everything inside it. Dont forget rename and pull out layers with the animation that you need
  • Cycles: 
    • Strong recomended to use animation minimum with 1 phase before and after animation cycle. Simple way to do it just use pre and post infinity with "Cycle" option
    • Or you can bake animation with off cycle checkbox into 3 or more loops, then move animation to your main animation range and delete remains
  • Y aim reverse: for reorientation aim for rotation script. May be useful when rotation sim bake animation with incorrect rotations

Known problems:
  • In Maya 2019 animation caching can break creating constraints by script
  • After simulation script leaves attribute "blendParent1" on object
  • Cycles now not so clear
p.s. This is my first script on maya python, so please report bugs and leave some comments, if you have ideas to modify the code

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