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File Batch Exporter 1.3.6 for Maya (maya script)

Export any object as MayaBinary, MayaAscii, FBX or OBJ with advanced options.

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

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Last Modified:02/18/2019
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Python script for Maya

Before buying this script:

'Oh geez, I have to export 42 objects one by one?'

After buying this script:

'I have to export 42 objects, yeah!'

Now this can make fun, with several clicks you get everything done!

Easy to use and does not require any type of installation, just run the script.

By running this script, the File Exporter UI pops up. Just select which file type you want to export. Hit 'Ok', choose the directory and let it export. You can export each object of your selection as 'mayaAscii', 'mayaBinary', 'OBJ' and whether you want to export a material file with it or not, 'FBX' and ABC and you have some extra options like center pivot, delete history, freeze transform, zero you object and export your whole selection as one file.

Hope it helps! :)

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