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SearchNPick Animation Picker 1.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

SearchNPick provides a quick and friendly way for animators to create their own picker from rigs.

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  • 2018

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Last Modified:06/27/2019
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animation, maya

* Notice! The developer of this tool will come back from holidays in November 20. Support during the next 2 weeks will be limited.

Animation Picker for Autodesk Maya 2018.

Ask for free trial! 

Free trial restrictions:

  • No Save/Open option.
  • Maximum of 10 buttons.

Full Version Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop interface that works when you drag from Outliner, Hypershade, etc.
  • Embed Mel script commands to any button expands a lot of powerful possibilities.
  • Expand your icon library, just copy and paste it to the /icons folder.
  • Save/Open to share your picker with your coworkers, or to include it with your rigs.
  • Customize the color of each button, to the extend of changing the border color, border radius, hover color, pressed color, etc.
  • Grid option to enhance precision.
  • Powerful search widget included, which enables you to search by keyword in your whole Maya scene, filtering by polygons, curves, cameras, locators, or constraints.
To install, just copy the folder to your maya/scripts/ folder, launch a new Maya and run in a python tab:
import SearchNPick

(Control + Middle Mouse) will scale the buttons.
(Middle Click) to move the button around.
(Right Click) to edit button.
(Left Click) to execute embedded Mel and/or select the content in the viewport.
Drag and Drop with middle button from the Outliner to create a new button (Maya 2018 only)


  • Include option to set a background image for the picker.
  • Include other widgets like SpinBox, LineEdits, RadioButtons and CheckBox for the user to add into the workspace.
  • Grouping buttons together.
  • Layers to hide/show.
  • Embedded python commands.
  • Change namespaces.
  • Zoom in/out.

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