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prSelectionUi 0.9.8 for Maya (maya script)

create and edit selections and poses for animation

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  • 2013, 2012, 2011

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Last Modified:12/25/2012
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D E S C R I P T I O N:
This is an open source Maya script written in Python (PyMEL).
It is a dynamic and flexible UserInterface (UI) to manage selections and poses,
which can be useful during animation.

L I N K S:
- Demo video with link to latest version
- Background information on my blog
- This was written in my spare time. If you found it useful for animation or coding, consider supporting the author:

F E A T U R E S:
- User can create and edit sets/selections/poses/members at any time
- All information is stored in the scene (works when referenced)
- Export/Import sets between shots/scenes
- There are a few pop-up menus (RMC=Right-mouse-click, MMC=Middle-mouse-click):
-- RMC on set-menu (top row): Create/Edit Sets and adjust UI (dockable, hide bar)
-- RMC on empty set-area: Create Selection/Pose
--- RMC on Selection/Pose: Create/Edit Selection/Pose/Members
---- MMC on Selection/Pose for extra commands (keyframe, reset, ..)

U S A G E:
Put the file in your Maya scripts folder and execute:
- Python:
import prSelectionUi
- MEL (for marking menu, ...):
python("import prSelectionUi");

V E R S I O N S:
2012-12-25 / 0.9.8: Pose % items added to Pose middle mouse click menu // Autofocus on panel (tool shortcuts keep working)
2012-12-15 / 0.9.7: added option "UI: toggle tablayout" to switch display between tablayout and drop down menu
2012-12-12 / 0.9.6: bugfix (maya crashed for some users) // does not work with older sets
2012-12-11 / 0.9.5: loads faster, no crashes // changed mouse-click menus // new members UI // tabs are now called sets and in optionMenu
2012-04-20 / 0.9.3: pose support added // tweaks (button ordering,..) // can't read sets from old version
2012-04-15 / 0.9.2: tweaks (no popup when changing member status, show/hide shape visible in button,..)
2012-04-13 / 0.9.1: removed limitations // new features // can't read sets from old version
2012-03-01 / 0.9.0: first version

T O D O:
- member window close scriptJob for warning when there are unsaved changes
- search and replace for members (give user string output, input field, they can edit in editor of their choice)
- (maybe) popup when leftclicking empty set-optionMenu
- (maybe) shift/ctrl+mouse click on selection center button with maya viewport functionality
- (maybe) save set to shelf
- (fix?) when adding nucleus to selection: api error...
- (code) store pose nodes in dictionary with attr and values for faster 'pose selected nodes' cmd

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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