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tweenMachine 2.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

Creates breakdown poses based on surrounding poses

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:02/15/2018
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    MR HOLLYWOOD said 2 months ago:

    Justin: Like to say a REALLY BIG THANKS for the sharing of this Script over the years and it is nice to know it will be continued. Very much appreciated.
    MR H
  • Pedro Miralles

    Pedro Miralles said over 1 year ago:

    Very good dude!!
  • Justin Barrett

    Justin Barrett said almost 2 years ago:

    Thanks for the reviews! If you wish to report problems with tweenMachine, please click the Support Forum tab and begin a thread there. The issue reported by Zukran Zolo has been addressed, and will be posted soon as version 2.0.9
  • Zukran Zolo

    Zukran Zolo said about 2 years ago:

    Nice script, we managed to break it just so you know. If you have a key between frames ie frame 5.665 it will break. This is due to the tweenMachine procedure. Where it processes each curve it gets the next frames with findKeyFrame "int $timeP = `findKeyframe -which previous $crv`;" Switching the int to a float so "float $timeP = `findKeyframe -which previous $crv`;" Now allows sub frames. Incase any one runs into issues. Other then that really useful script.
  • Animator Samanyolutv

    Animator Samanyolutv said over 3 years ago:

    not working on some characters like norman and a.m. stewart rig.
  • mooses

    mooses said over 5 years ago:

    I love this script! It takes away lots of hassles while animating! Thanks for your generosity Justin
  • Quasi

    Quasi said over 10 years ago:

    Tired of Maya splining away the life from your characters, This script will give your work that 'pixar' look
  • BigSky

    BigSky said over 11 years ago:

    Well Done!
  • UrbnCTZn

    UrbnCTZn said over 11 years ago:

    Yep. Didnt see a description for a while, usually its like "now feature n
  • jwr38

    jwr38 said almost 12 years ago:

    Really enjoyed using this. It speeds up my work flow alot. thanks.

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