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Syntheyes Nuke export 1.0.0

Update of the Syntheyes Nuke export.

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Last Modified:08/07/2006
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This is some updates on the Nuke-exporter of syntheyes to make it work on Nuke 4.5
Nuke have changed a lot in the 3D-envirnoment since... 2004 when this was originally created, and I was not able to load exported Nuke-scritpts coming from Syntheyes, so I had to change some stuff.

I have only changed those parts that I used, and I know some more stuff needs to be changed. But I figured I might as well upload what I got, since it is at least usable now. It might inspire someone to do it properly. :-)

Anyway, brief change log:

* removed "parent." references in groups.
* connect the camera to the scanline renderer instead of scene. (on visible tracker mode)
* visible tracker group now has it's output properly connected.
* removed some references to old parameters (filtering_enabled)
* icon references removed (they seemed to have change as well)

Installation (os x):
 Copy this file (nuke.slz) to:
 /Library/Application Support/SynthEyes/scripts/

/Håkan Blomdahl

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