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Last Modified:05/15/2007
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(This is an update of the text only. First version had missing Backslashes, so the example code was incorrect.)

Here is a mail-script in Tcl. Might help in production.

It has gone through a lots of different mail providers, and by now support 3 different types of authentication (well, 2 really. One is without authentication).


Unzip and put the "mail"-folder somewhere in your include path and add this line in the appropriate "init.tcl":

plugin_addpath "mail"


# filmgateMail
# a Tcl mail command by Hakan Blomdahl
# With help from:
# Example:
# set tolist {}
# lappend tolist {"The Boss Himself" }
# lappend tolist
# lappend tolist
# filmgateMail
# --debugcmd puts
# --method ESMTP
# --auth LOGIN

# --username
# --password mypassword
# --server
# --port 25
# --domain [info hostname]
# --from
# --replyto
# --to ${tolist}
# --subject "This is a mail"
# --msg "Hi there, this is a message"
# If "--method" is set to "ESMTP", the following arguments is required:
# --auth
# --username
# --password
# They are ignored with "--method SMTP".
# Only LOGIN and PLAIN is supported as authentication methods. ( --auth LOGIN )


# This example mails a dust busting report to your in house producer:

proc mailMyDustBustedFrames {} {

set subject "Dust bust report on script "[file tail [knob]]""
set mailMsg ""

append mailMsg "Dust bust report on script "[file tail [knob]]""
append mailMsg "n"[knob]""

set dustBustNodes {}
foreach node [nodes] {
if { [class ${node}] eq "DustBust" } {
lappend dustBustNodes ${node}

foreach node ${dustBustNodes} {
foreach stroke [value "${node}.points"] {
set dustBustedFrames([lindex ${stroke} 0]) 1
# puts "painted: [lindex ${stroke} 0]"

# For our producer.
if { [array size dustBustedFrames] > 0 } {
append mailMsg "n"
append mailMsg "n[array size dustBustedFrames] Dust Busted frames:"
append mailMsg "n[lsort [array names dustBustedFrames]]"
append mailMsg "n"
} else {
append mailMsg "n"
append mailMsg "No dustbusted frames.n"

# Prepare a panel

set msgPanel {}
lappend msgPanel {"Subject" subject}
lappend msgPanel {"Message" mailMsg n}

# Display panel

if [catch {
panel -w800 "Dust Bust Report Panel" ${msgPanel}
}] return;

--debugcmd puts
--method ESMTP
--auth LOGIN
--username ""
--password "pasword"
--port 587
--domain [info hostname]
--from ""
--replyto ""
--to ""
--subject ${subject}
--msg ${mailMsg}

message "Mail sent"

menu "Report/Dust bust report" "" { mailMyDustBustedFrames }

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