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dpxInfo.tcl 1.1.0 for Nuke

DPX Header Parser

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Last Modified:04/24/2006
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Reads a header of DPX-file and returns the data in a readable form.

The returned data is formatted to be viewed with a fixed width font, like courier.

Updated to V1.1, now decodes film stocks.

Quick Example:

1. Put this script in your plugin path.

2. Launch Nuke

3. Create a read node and point it to some DPX files.

4. Create a Text-Node, select a fixed with font, like Courier, and write:

[dpxInfo decode all [value [value [input [knob name] 0].name].file]]

5. Connect the Read node to the Text-Node.

DONE.  (Now, go and create a Gizmo...)


"Advanced" stuff:


  dpxInfo "mode" "field(s)" "filename"


   "decode": Make values more human readable.

   "raw": Use this if you want to decode the data yourself.

   "singledecode": Decodes but does not include the fieldname in the output.

   "singleraw:" Just like raw, but does not include fieldname in the output.


   can be replaced with "all" to show ALL fields in the header. (for us lazy people). Otherwise: just specify the fields you want to be read.

Throws an error when there is problem. (so it is wise to use catch-phrases...)

 Examples (Not tested, just made up...):

   # Print all header info.

   puts "[dpxInfo decode all img.0001.dpx]"

   # Do your own fancy output:

   foreach {symbol value} [dpxInfo decode all img.0001.dpx] {

     puts " -- ${symbol} -- ${value} --"


   # Print timecode:

   puts "[dpxInfo singledecode tvTimeCode img.0001.dpx]"

   # Get width and height

   set data [dpxInfo singledecode iPixelsPerLine iLinesPerImage img.0001.dpx]

   set width  [lindex ${data} 0]

   set height [lindex ${data} 1]

   # Get width and height (Tcl-array-style!)

   array set header [dpxInfo decode all img.0001.dpx]

   set width $header(iPixelsPerLine)

   set height $header(iLinesPerImage)

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