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Transition2 2.0.0 for Shake

9 different transitions

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Last Modified:03/22/2009
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9 different transitions


(I've made many many tests so there should be no problems with this node, but if there is let me know! It uses the NULL node so go and get it!)





startframe: This is the last frame on which you see only the first input. The first where the transition is visible is the next frame.


endframe: This is the first frame on which you see only the second input. The last where the transition is visible is the previous frame.


angle: Usually this parameter is unchanged during the transition, so it may be called "start angle", but it can be animated if you like.
It has no effect on "Blow Up", and the angle will be rounded to the nearest right angle (0, 90, 180, 270, 360) when using "Radial" or "V-Shape" wipes. For example: you type 72 degrees -> it will be considered as 90 degrees.


blur: Only one thing about this. Sometimes, when using high blur values the transition seems to begin later then the startframe or end earlier then the endframe. It's not so. Set the blur to zero and you will see that it's right.


columns: It has only effect on "Shutter" and "Boxes" transition. This value defines the divisions along the x axis at the angle of zero. If you tweak the angle slider, there will be the same number of divisions independently of the angle.

For example: you set the value to 5 (5 columns along the image width) and tweak the angle slider to 90 degrees, there will still be 5 columns but now along the image height instead of image width because of the 90 degrees rotation. (In other words there will be 5 lines).

rows: It has only effect on "Shutter" and "Boxes" transition. When using "Shutter" this number tells you how many divisions along the y axis the bands will have. Every second division's movement is reversed (otherwise you would not see any division). If you don't want any y divisions leave this value on 1.
When using "Boxes" this number tells you the aspect ratio of the boxes instead of the number of divisions. Otherwise it would be hard to set a 1:1 aspect ratio, because you would have to calculate how many rows are needed. Instead of this leave this value on 1 for 1:1 aspect ratio and if you want exactly the same number of boxes along the y axis than along the x, type width/height to the rows field.


reverse: All of the transitions could be reversed, movements to the left could be movements to the right, clockwise movements could be counter clockwise, zoom ins could be zoom outs etc.

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