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DifferenceMatte 1.0.0 for Shake

shows the difference between two images

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  • 3.x, 2.x, 4.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:03/22/2009
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This macro is partially based on Steve Wright's great book: Digital Compositing for Film and Video.


The Difference Matte simply tells you the difference between two images as a grayscale image. For improving the raw matte quality I used the color distance method, therefore it's slower but produces much better results than a simple monochrome operation.


The offset mask mode enables you to see even the smallest differences between two images. Non-equal pixels will show up as dark gray "valleys" or light gray "hills", which gives the image an embossed look if there are any differences, and a "flat" look (50% gray) if there aren't.


The edge detection mode is an intuitive tool for lining up two images. Red outline represents input 1, and blue represents input 2. You can easily see the direction in which you have to move the "blue" input (red means "stop"). Finally, if the two images are exactly overlapped, the outline turns green (see example). (Of course, the difference between them won't turn green.)

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