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ColorSpot 1.0.0 for Shake

a useful tool for analysing histograms

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  • 3.x, 2.x, 4.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:03/22/2009
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This macro was originally written for revealing scanning errors on some footages, though it can be used for various color measurements. Let's see how it works!

First you have to connect the image sequence to the macro's first input, and a histogram node to the second input.

On figure 1 you can see a part of a HD footage and figure 2 is showing it's histogram. Say we would like to find out where that high red peak is on the image. On figure 3 you can see an enlarged part of the same peak with a light gray line positioned to the center of it and a dark gray stipe showing the selected color range. Figure 4 shows the image after selecting the color range in question and switching back to image mode.

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