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XSIndigo Exporter 1.0.9 for Xsi

A flexible exporter plug-in toward Indigo Renderer

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  • 6.x

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Last Modified:04/16/2008
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Good morning,
I'm glad to announce the availability of "XSIndigo Exporter" 1.0.9

The plug-in packaged in an XSI add-on ( for a fast and easy-to-install approach) is compliant with the last Indigo Renderer release (1.0.4). It's available only for 6.xx major release
All Indigo Renderer features are today supported while also being supported subdivision surfaces (renderer/OGL mode), RenderTree (through the use of provided Indigo shaders) and Hierarchical Instancing.

To install the 1.0.9 update please remove the old one before installing the newer.

The archive containing the add-on is available in the following section of this site: Download -> Exporter 3D Apps -> Softimage|XSI or directly at the following link XSIndigo Exporter 1.0.9 - SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.6.xx

Best regards, Riccardo.

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