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Read from Write 3.0.0 for Nuke

Create Read nodes from selected Write Nodes

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Last Modified:10/13/2008
File Size: 5.09 KB for Nuke5.1vX*

This script will spawn Read nodes from the selected Write nodes using the frame range present in the selected Write nodes and automatically run a check for bad frames that are below a threshold in bytes and both, color the node in red and print a report with the results to the Nuke terminal.

Now it also allows you to set the default behavior for what it should do when there is a empty writer or nothing selected without prompting you each time. By default it won't do nothing if a write node or the selection is empty.

If you don't pass any argument it will assume the defaults, but if you want to change that (which you most likely will) just pass 4 arguments to it:

readwrites(blankread, check, threshold, report)

blankread (boolean):
Set to True it will create blank Read nodes for empty selections and Write nodes.
- Default is False which will do nothing.

check (boolean):
Set to True it will check the sequence for bad frames and color the node in Red if
something is found, if set to False it will skip the check intirely and ignore the other
arguments (threshold and report).
- Deafult is True

threshold (integer):
This sets the threshold value in bytes for the bad frames check.
- Default is 100000 bytes

report (boolean):
Set to True will print a report of the bad frames found by the check, False will do nothing.
This will only be consider if the check argument is set to True.
- Default is True

* Should be working fine with Nuke5.0vX now

Invisible menu entry for the so you can call it using a shortcut Alt+R

m ="Nuke")
n = m.findItem("Edit")
n.addCommand("@;Read Writes", "userscripts.readwrites()", "Alt+R")

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