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Sequencer for Nuke 1.0.1 for Nuke

Cut/offset selected node based on the selection

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Last Modified:10/14/2008
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Sequencer for Nuke5.1vX*

Sequencer will retime/offset every selected node based on the selection order.

calling sequencer() or sequencer(0) will use TimeOffset nodes, calling seuquencer(1) will use  Retimes nodes instead.

Let's suppouse you have Read1 (1, 10), Read2 (1,10) and Read3 (1,10), if you select Read1 then the Read2 and Read3 and run this script it will add a TimeOffset or Retime node to each selected node using the previous selected node end frame as it's offset start frame.

So Read1 would start at frame 1 to 10, Read2 would go from frame 11 to frame 20 and Read3 from frame 21 to frame 30.

The order you select the nodes will dictate which node comes first and after. I really don't know if this is useful but here it is...

*should work in Nuke5.0vX

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