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Add Constrain Tab 1.0.0 for Nuke

Adds a Constrain tab to selected 3D nodes

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Last Modified:09/05/2008
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This script will add a Constrain Tab to certain 3D node classes that will allow you to set a contrain (Look At/Point At) between the current object and the target object. 

It's derived from the TCL version of Frank Rüter and Broesler AddLookTab.tcl with a few modifications. More contrain types will be added as soon as I find some time.

You can now just select a second node as the target and hit set to have your constrain set or simply hit "set" so the script prompts you for the target node name. You can also just write the target node name in the "Look at" field and hit set like in the Frank's version.

Tested in 5.1v1b7

Known bugs:

01. If you have more then two nodes selected and has already entered a node's name in the "Look at" field it will override what's inside the "Look at" field for your second selected node's name.

02. Hitting cancel in the prompt for the target node returns a error.

03. Add your own

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