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curveGens 1.2.0 for Nuke

Animation Curve Generators

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Last Modified:12/11/2006
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Collection of gizmos to create animation curves based on parameters.


version 1.2  (Nuke 4.5.27)

  • Random
  • Growing Random (updated)
  • Random State Switch (updated)
  • Periodic State Switch  (updated)
  • Wave Multiplier (updated)
  • Circle (updated)
  • Hypocycloid (updated)
  • Lemniscate (updated)
  • Lissajous (updated)
  • Rose (updated)
  • Spiral (updated)
  • Star (updated)
  • Sinusoid 3D (New)

Add this to your menu.tcl to quick access cGens



menu "curveGens/Single Channel/Wave Multiplier" cGen_Wave_Multiplier
menu "curveGens/Single Channel/Random" cGen_Random
menu "curveGens/Single Channel/Growing Random" cGen_Growing_Random
menu "curveGens/Single Channel/Random State Switch" cGen_Random_State_Switch
menu "curveGens/Single Channel/Periodic State Switch" cGen_Periodic_State_Switch
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Circle" cGen_Circle
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Spiral" cGen_Spiral
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Rose" cGen_Rose
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Star" cGen_Star
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Hypocycloid" cGen_Hypocycloid
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Lemniscate" cGen_Lemniscate
menu "curveGens/Dual Channel/Lissajous" cGen_Lissajous

menu "curveGens/3D/Sinusoid 3D" cGen_Sinusoid_3D

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