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Set the Language Bar and Run Nuke 0.0.1

Set the Language Bar and Run Nuke

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Last Modified:09/15/2008
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This tiny script is a little hack to solve a few issues in Nuke when you run it while your language bar is set to other then "English US" (IE: Portuguese (Brasil)). Problems like pressing ` to hide the viewers and getting a constant node added to your DAG after your viewer(s) are hidden.

Since it's pretty boring to remember to change that everytime you start Nuke and some of us can't write without ã, õ, â, ô, ç, ü and so on, nor get rid of Windows :) This will set the language bar to English US for you automatically everytime you start Nuke from this script. At least for now while The Foundry doesn't fix this (it's a known issue even tho it seems I'm the only rambling about it).


Go to to "Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Language" and click "Details"
In the "Settings" tab go to "Preferences" and click "Key Settings..."
Select "Switch to English (United States) - US" and click "Change Key Sequence..."
Check "Enable Key Sequence" and set it to "CTRL + Shift + 1" 
Or any other key combo and then change the combination in the script.
Don't forget to add Nuke to your "Path" Environment Variable case it already isn't


You will need Windows Scripting Host, which should be the default for any "newer" releases (>XP)

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