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Make Anim Global 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Exact copy of an animation from an object to another no matter their parent are

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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Last Modified:08/02/2011
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/////// makeAnmGlobal.mel version 1.0 /////////
//Author: Christophe Brugal (
//Copyright (C) 2009 Christophe Brugal
//Version: 1.0
//    Function :
//        Get the animation of a parented element (even if it has no keys) and transfer its animation to world spaced locator.
//        While done that you can put the animation back on the object of your choice according to its name.
//        It is useful when you animated an object but wish to change its position in hierarchy without altering the way it moves.
//        As the function is name relative you can transfer animation from an object to another or use the information stored in the
//        locators the way you want.
//    Usage :
//        Source "makeAnmGlobal.mel"; makeAnmGlobal();
//        Baked object name should be unique.
//        Select a parented object.
//        The "Bake to Global" button creates a group called Locators_Grp with as many locators as selected objects.
//        The locators are used to store the animation (in world coordinates).
//        As soon as an object has been baked to global you can do the "bake to local" process.
//        The "Bake to Local" button is to copy back your global animation (stored in Locators_Grp).
//        The destination object of the animation can be parented wherever you want.

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