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magnetic 2.1 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

Description: An alternative to using...

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  • 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:05/03/2005
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An alternative to using attachment constraints, use magnetic 2.1 to attach mesh/poly objects to the surface of another mesh object using the painter interface or a guide shape and each attached object will retain its position and orientation respective to the surface as the surface is animated.

New features in magnetic 2.1:

1. automatically align attached objects using the guide shape's local z-axis
2. ability to position/orient objects without applying a transform script controller (for target surfaces that will not be animated)
3. upgrade attached objects from magnetic 1.5 to magnetic 2.1 functionality

previous method - attached objects are aligned using a vector from the guide shape's pivot to a corresponding interpolated position along the guide shape

new feature - attached objects are aligned using the guide shape's local z-axis

New features in magnetic 2.0:

1. integration of a new transform script controller which will increase viewport interaction and enable direct access when animating the attached object
2. redesigned interface based on the interface of pluck 1.1
3. paint objects along the path that is drawn on the target surface using the painter interface
4. select shapes to use as guides to accurately paint objects on the target surface
5. automatically adjust attached objects so they are evenly orientated along the drawn path / guide shape
6. attach objects only to selected faces when using guide shapes
7. select last attachment
8. quickly access all attached objects that are selected in the viewport
9. quickly iterate over a collection of attached objects
10. enable / disable dependency
11. enable / disable magnetism
12. upgrade attached objects from magnetic 1.5 to magnetic 2.0 functionality

use the auto adjustment feature to evenly distribute objects along a guide shape.

below is an example of using the magnetic script to quickly attach eyelashes to a character


1. source object can either be an editable poly or an editable mesh
2. target object must be an editable mesh (you can use an editable poly, but put an Edit Mesh or Mesh Select modifier at the top of the stack)
3. see readme file contained within .zip file for further information

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