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morphette 2.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

morphette 2.0 is the first free universal...

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Last Modified:02/04/2005
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morphette 2.0 is the first free universal morph target interface. The interface filters then displays every valid/active morph target for the selected model. So, you can easily go back and forth between all the characters in your scene. Once a morph set is loaded, you can create,copy,delete or move morph target keys with a button click.

There are a few requirements:

1. Morpher modifier must be named - "Morpher" which is the name it has when it is added to the stack.
2. To parse the morph targets properly, they all must adhere to a set naming structure:

morph target that affects the left side of the model: [morphName]_L
morph target that affects the right side of the model: [morphName]_R
morph target that affects both sides of the model: [morphName]_B



morphette 2.0 features:

1. toggle between viewing 4 or 8 morph targets
2. display key data for only the selected morph target (or morph target pair)
3. quickly set a key at the current frame by clicking left/right/both button
4. copy/move/delete keys for morph target pairs in one click instead of two
5. max 5 compliant

proposed morphette 3.0 features:

1. ability to sort morph target list regardless of how targets were loaded into the Morpher modifier
2. ability to save/load facial expressions that are composed of multiple morph target keys
3. faster algorithm for querying key data
4. ??? (email me with enhancements that you would like to see -

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