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pluck 1.1 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

An extension of magnetic 1.5, pluck 1.1 is the...

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Last Modified:02/03/2005
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An extension of magnetic 1.5, pluck 1.1 is the first tool that allows you to quickly paint feathers on a mesh surface. Once attached, the feathers will automatically retain their position/orientation as the underlying surface is animated. Besides attaching feathers one by one, you now have the option to paint a whole row of feathers at a time. Further, the feathers are automatically rotated so that they follow the path that is drawn on the mesh surface. Please see the readme.txt file included in the .zip file for a detailed explanation of the interface and tool functionality. pluck 1.1 is max 6 / 7 compliant.

** important fix in 1.1 **
the scripted rotation value calculated for an attached feather is now mathematically accurate with respect to the underlying surface animation.

Below is the interface of pluck 1.1.

Below is a render of attaching 80 feathers to a sphere. It took less than 5 minutes to achieve this effect.

Advantages of using pluck 1.1:
1. ability to precisely place as many or as few feathers as needed.
2. since this tool is attaching individual nurbs surfaces, you can vary the texture maps as needed.
3. likewise, you can quickly adjust the orientation/bend/curl/dimensions of a single feather or a group of feathers at the same time.

Disadvantages of using pluck 1.1.
1. two script controllers are created for every attached feather. so, your interaction with the time slider will slow down as more and more feathers are attached. I am working on a way to limit this effect, but currently this is the one main disadvantage.

I am working on a list of new features for version 2.0, so any feedback would be great! -

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