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JNG file format importer (for 3ds Max) 0.8.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax plugin)

JNG image file format importer (think JPG+Alpha)

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  • 9.x

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Last Modified:09/02/2007
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This plugin allows you to import JNG files into 3ds Max 9 (32bit).

This is an import plug-in module to be used with Autodesk
3ds Max. The plug-in has been tested on 3ds Max 9 (32bit).

In order to use this plugin, copy the file 'Plugin_JNG.bmi'
to 3ds Max' "plugins" folder. Next time you start 3ds Max
you can use the plugin by just being able to load *.jng
files from the program's standard 'open' dialogs.

About the JNG file format:
JNG files do store image data by embedding a JPEG datastream
for color information, and may embed another grayscale image
to be used as an alpha channel (stored using PNG or JPEG
compression). For more information on the JNG file format,
visit the libpng site ( Note that standard
JPEG files don't support an alpha channel at all (and JNG
even lets the user choose whether to store it lossy or

About the implementation of the JNG file format:
This plug-in does not support the bKGD, cHRM, gAMA and
iCCP chunks, so loading a *.jng file into 3ds Max might
result in a file looking differently compared to an editor
that supports them.

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