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NodeCloner 0.9.0 for Shake (shake plugin)

Clones a node from a different shake script

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Last Modified:06/22/2009
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This node is very special and quite different from the rest of Shake's nodes. You define a shake script as the source and also which node you want. It then copy/clone that node live every time you hit the button "Apply", open the script or render it. With this tool you can for example keep a master grade in one script and then reference that node from all other scripts/shots you're working on. The same for RotoShapes that you want to use several times. Maybe someone is still rotoscoping but you need the shape now and do want it to update itself automatically. There is also a "time" parameter for instant retiming so you can timeshift animated curves and also retime them (in a similar way to using a "TimeX" node but built in).
Since I haven't been able to test it heavily enough I decided to leave it at version v0.9.0 for now. If you find any issues with it, please do report it.

NOTE: You can download the Linux version from my website

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