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IHueShift 1.0.0 for Shake

Hueshift an image according to a second input

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Last Modified:06/22/2009
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This is a color warping macro that shifts hue based on the alpha channel that goes into the second image input. The key feature is that instead of "shortcutting" the grade across the color wheel as normal hue shifters does, this macro grades the input around the wheel going through all the colors along the way.
It's easiest to understand looking at the example image. It's a blue graded perlin noise from start. After going through the IHueShift the colors have changed according to the parameter settings and the alpha channel input (which is just a simple radial gradient). Here a setting of -0.75 was used for the "hueShift" parameter making the color shift 75% of a full color wheel revolution clockwise. You can use positive and negative values and even higher numbers here, e.g. 10 for ten full revolutions counter clockwise. If you up the "hueShift" parameter you must be aware of the "steps" parameter as well since this is the amount of steps the color grade is sliced up and build of. The macro is created from the standard shake IBlur macro and hence works very similar with it's settings.

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