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MultiStat 1.0.1 for Shake (shake plugin)


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Last Modified:06/22/2009
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MultiStat is a growing input node which does statistical calculations on the same pixel positions using all the input images. You can do median (per channel), luminance based median, average, minimum and maximum. If you feed the node with time offsets of the same sequence you can therefore do temporal median filtering which is the main purpose of the plugin. You can also set the loCut and hiCut to take away values at the low values (darks) or the high values (whites) and use the rest of the values in between to calculate from. For example you can feed it with 7 images, cut away the darkest and the two brightest and then do an average on the rest of the 4 values (all done per pixel from all the inputs). The last parameter "threshold" is for setting what pixels are changed. If the new calculated pixel value for a certain position differ more than the threshold value from the original pixel value, it's changed otherwise the original pixel value remains (this threshold is working exactly as a normal spatial median filter threshold works). Worth to mention is that the plugin conforms all inputs to the first one's properties, i.e. DOD, bit depth, resolution etc.

NOTE: You can download the Linux version on my website

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