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Direction Fill 1.0.0 for Shake (shake plugin)

Fills the image in a given angle/direction

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  • 4.x

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Last Modified:06/22/2009
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This is a filter plugin that fills each channel with the maximum pixel value it has encountered so far in a specified direction. You also have the option to hold new maximum values for a specified amount if pixels and then fade out according to your needs. The first example (on the left side) is a direction fill not using the "useHoldAndFade" option and thus fills all the way to the edges. The second example uses both "Hold" and "Fade" values and because they are different for each channel (R, G and B) the result is a color image. If you hoover the mouse pointer over one of the images you'll see the original image before the effect was applied.

NOTE: You can download the Linux version from my website

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