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SmartRead 0.0.4 for Nuke

get Read nodes from Write nodes

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Last Modified:11/26/2008
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fixed Nuke 5 version to support the new multi select feature in the file browser
fixed periods showing up in proxy paths
bug fix:
The previous version wouldn't set values for first and last frame. This should now be fixed (at least for four digit frame padding cause I'm lazy)
small but certainly a time saver:

SmartRead creates a Read node for every selected Write node to pull in it's respective file and proxy image/sequence.
If nothing is selected it simply pops up a new Read node just like one is used to.
Good for quickly checking renders in the gui without having to go through the file browser.

example menu.tcl entry:

menu "Image/SmartRead" SmartRead
I actually replaced my default Read call:

menu "Image/Read" "r" SmartRead


P.S.: Courtesy of Galerie der Medien

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