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import boujou2 2.0.0 for Nuke

import boujou files into Nuke 4.5

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Last Modified:09/20/2006
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This is a modified version of Rob's old importBoujou.tcl to work with Nuke 4.5
It ships with build 4.5.21 and later but if you're on an older build of 4.5 use this one.

# Instead of writing out an obj like the old version this one creates
# lowres cylinders for each point found in your boujou export. Those
# are stuffed into a group which is hooked up to a render node along
# with the resulting camera. It has size, colour and render
# parameters to control those proxies. Keep in mind that there is a
# limit for scene nodes of 1000 inputs so try to keep your point
# export from Boujou below that ;).

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