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AddLookTab 0.0.0 for Nuke

make a camera look at another 3D object

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Last Modified:01/04/2008
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This script adds an extra tab to a camera node to make the camera "look" at another 3D object.

In the extra tab simply enter the name of the 3D object to "look" at and hit the "look at" button. Expressions will be put into the Camera's x and y rotation to constrain it accordingly.
The target object has to have a translate knob in order for this to work (i.e. Axis, TransformGeo, Light etc.)

If you know how to use the OnCreate callback, this script can be added to it so the tab is automatically assigned to every new camera node.
Alternatively you can put something like this into your menu.tcl:

menu "3D/Camera" {Camera;AddLookTab}

Or simply run the script from the tcl command panel (hit 'x') after creating/selecting a camera node.

Thanks to Bob Roesler for helping with this one.

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