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AutoConnectNode 0.0.0 for Nuke

creates and connects a multi input node

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Last Modified:09/20/2006
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This should work with any multi input node (i.e. Switch, Append, ContactSheet etc.).
It creates a new node based on the argument and connects all selectednodes left to right. (the left most node in the selection will become input 0 etc...).

It also creates an extra user knob in the new node so you can update the input order later based on the connected nodes' position in the DAG (again, left most node will be input 0 etc...).

If used with the contact sheet it also does some parameter tweaking based on the number of nodes that feed into it.

Example menu.tcl entry and shortcuts:
menu "Time/@B15;Append" {AutoConnectNode AppendClip}
menu "Merge/@B15;ContactSheet" {AutoConnectNode ContactSheet}
menu "Merge/@B15;Switch" "Ctrl-m" {AutoConnectNode Switch}

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