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expression manager 0.0.1 for Nuke

manage all expresisons in a script

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Last Modified:07/17/2007
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The ExpressionManager opens a panel to view and modify all expressions in the script or in the current node selection.
If an expression produces an error their respective label turns red.

If you want to edit the expresion in the Manager make sure to check "update expression" before hitting "ok".
Alternatively check "open control panel" and hit "ok" to edit stuff in there.

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Known limitation:
if knobs are referenced without a preceding node name (i.e. "size*5" or "this.size*5" instead of "Blur1.size*5") the panel will show an error as the result because the expression is not parsed in the node's context.
This is why I colour coded the labels so if an expression returns an error in the Manager but does not have a red label it is okay in the respective node's context and there is nothing to worry about.
If it's red you'd better fix it.

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