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Nuke to Alfred 0.4.0 for Nuke

Tcl script for run Nuke network render with Alfred

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Last Modified:05/22/2008
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Version History

ver 0.4 18.09.07
-Added preview for Alfred tasks
-Fixed hour time stamp from 0-23 to 00-23
-Added 'License Type' parameter
-Fixed bug with nuke script path with backslashes
-CmdProxy v.0.1.1
ver 0.3 26.06.07
-Fixed problem with start render under linux (still not tested)
-Now $RATTREE system environment variable used instead of $PATH for find 'alfred'
-Fixed problem with nuke's script saved using backslashes (windows)
-Added check for writing error of nuke and alfred scripts
-Now 'modified' flag restored after start render
-Now all parameters remember last value
-Added check for unsaved script and Mapped Network or Local drive
ver 0.2 25.06.07
-Added support of CmdProxy v.0.1.0 utility (for win only)
-Supported more than one node in 'Selected Nodes Only' mode
-Added check for node type for execute
-Added support for Nuke 4.7
ver 0.1 10.05.07
-Init version