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ReadGeoPlus 0.0.0 for Nuke

proxy management for obj files

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Last Modified:09/20/2006
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ReadGeoPlus acts just like the default ReadGeo node but adds simple controls for proxy management.
If a file exists in the same location as the one loaded into the file knob but with a "proxy.obj" extension, it will be recognized as a proxy and handled according to the "proxy mode" knob.
So in the below example the proxy file is called "torus.proxy.obj".

proxy - always loads the proxy file
full res - always loads the original file
auto proxy - loads proxy or full res according to the script's proxy mode
auto proxy (gui only) - like "auto proxy" but always uses the full res version for command line renders

If no proxy file exists ReadGeoPlus will ignore the proxy mode knob and act just like the standard ReadGeo node.

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