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KBI_Layout_Tools 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

speed-up the layout process

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  • 2009

Operating Systems

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Last Modified:04/03/2009
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This script was written for a specific project in order to speed up the process of layout
with a serie of different tools.
See below for a description of the tools.


Maya 2009 Unlimited - Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) - 64bits
Maya 2009 Unlimited - Windows Xp SP3 - 32bits


How to install the script

Put the script in your user scripts directory :
- Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/USER_NAME/My Documents/maya/2009/scripts/
- Linux: /home/USER_NAME/maya/2009/scripts/

Change USER_NAME by yours and 2009 if you have another version of maya
(exemple: C:/Documents and Settings/J.Doe/My Documents/maya/8.5/scripts/ )

In maya, source the script then put KBI_Layout_Tools; in the command line to load the script.

How to Rename/Look Through/Show Gate/Lock the selected camera

Select a camera in the text scroll list and do a right clic on the mouse to have acces to theses tools.
Note: You cant rename a startup camera (front, side, top, persp)

How to Create or Delete a camera

To create a camera, hit the Create Camera button and give it a name in the popup window.
Note: You cant start the camera name with a number (the camera will be created but with a blank name)
To delete a camera select the camera in the text scroll list and press Delete Selected Camera
Note: You cant delete a startup camera (front, side, top, persp)

How to use the Organize scene tools

Theses two buttons create 3 groups and take what is in them to make 2 layers.
Import your bg, props and characters then hit the Make Groups button.It create 3 groups
called BG, CHARA and PROPS.
Organize your assets in the according groups (the characters in the CHARA groups and so on)
and press the Make Layers from Groups button.You will and up with two display layers.
One called Props_Layers with all the content off the PROPS group and the other Bg_Layer
with the content of the BG group.

How to use the Display Informations tool

This tool display some informations in your viewport.Wich can be useful when you do playblasts for
review on a production.
Enter the informations in the fields and press Display Informations.You can hide them by pressing the button again.

How to Parent/Unparent props

Select the controler first then the prop and press Parent.Select the prop and press Unparent to delete the parent constraint.

How to store a pose

With this tool you can store the defaults values of the controlers to the frame -10, put the character in pose and before the animators start to work, they can delete your pose and start fresh with an untouched rig.
Select all controlers and hit the Store Pose button.Do the same but press Restore Pose to restore the default pose.


1.2 - 2009.01.30 - Complete UI and code rewrite.Add lot of options.

1.1 - 2009.01.15 - Add some corrections on select camera and store default pose.

1.0 - 2009.01.13 - Initial Release.

Beta 1 - 2009.01.13 - Internal Release.

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