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JB Key Coloring 0.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

A simple tool to quickly and easily change key color

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Last Modified:01/04/2014
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JB Key Coloring is a simple tool that allows an animator to quickly and easily change the color of any given key. By default Maya forces you to dig through menus and even use scripting to change key colors. The last thing an animator wants to do is scripting when they are in the middle of animating their keys, breakdowns and tweens.


Copy the content of the scripts folder into your script directory.
Copy the jb_keyColoring.tif icon into your icon folder

If you dont know where your scripts directory or your icon folder is, paste this script in the mel command line and press enter. The path will be displayed in the field to the right.

internalVar -upd;

Once you have put the files into their respective folders, open your script editor and in a blank Python tab paste in  this script and hit enter. A new icon will appear in your current shelf.

Single clicking on the new shelf icon will open a floating window and double clicking on the icon will open a docked window

import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel

gShelfTopLevel = mel.eval('$temp1=$gShelfTopLevel')
currentShelf = cmds.tabLayout(gShelfTopLevel, query=True, st=True)

cmds.shelfButton(annotation='JB Key Coloring', image1='jb_keyColoring.tif', sourceType = 'python', \
c = 'import jb_keyColoring as kc\nreload(kc)\nUI = kc.KeyColoringWindow()\n', \
dcc = 'import jb_keyColoring as kc\nreload(kc)\nUI = kc.KeyColoring()\n', p=currentShelf)

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