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Axtended Animation Manager - FBX/PSA 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

Axtended is an animation manager closely knit to ActorX for development with Unreal Engine 3 based games or mods. Now with FBX support.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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Last Modified:07/23/2013
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maya, mel, ut3, ue3, unreal, animation

Character and ActorX is (c) Epic Games | Axtended Script and Animation Rig is (c) Denny Lindberg

Axtended is a MEL script for Maya 2009 which purpose is to make the workflow of animation easier when developing for Unreal Engine 3 based games or mods. It’s tightly knit together with ActorX and the idea is that you should spend less time jumping back and forth between ActorX and spend more time on the animation.

No further development or updates for this script will be made as of 2013-07-23. Script is available for free 'as-is' and no further support will be given.



FBX 2012 support has been added

To enable FBX export in Axtended, go to the File menu of Axtended and press [Toggle FBX Mode]. You will be prompted about an additional step with instructions how to define which joints should be exported.


Axtended has the following features:

  • Easy to use animation list which is stored in a node within the scene file, making it easily portable and transferable between users and projects.
  • The animation list is directly connected to ActorX; select the animations to export and the script handles the rest. The files will be saved in default paths of your choice, which is stored with each project.
  • Jumping between animations is really easy, just double click the sequence name and the time slider is adjusted to the right time frame. It’s possible to adjust the graph editor as well.
  • The animation list can be exported to a text file for easy edits and then imported back. This is really convenient when you have a lot of animations in the scene and have to make a lot of changes at the same time.
  • Scene Manager with Batch Exportation feature. Each project has its own list of scenes. The batch exporter will iterate through all the scenes in the list, look for any AxtendedData nodes in the scene (the animation list) and export all animations inside it.
  • Before any exportation happens all references will be imported into the scene and namespaces removed. (ref1:controller becomes controller) This is a temporary solution until the bug with Strip Reference Prefix in ActorX is solved.
  • Each scene can have it’s own script attached to it which will be executed before the exportation is done.
  • A global pre-load and post-load script is available for each project. The pre-load script is executed before references has loaded, you can for example swap a reference before it loads to minimize batch exportation times. The post-load script is executed after the scene is fully loaded. This is convenient if you want to run the same script on all scenes before the scene specific script is executed and animations exported.
  • Axtended features a mesh export script which queries the meshes you have selected, exports them as separate files based on the mesh name and saves them to the default export path linked to the project.
  • A feature which I hope you don’t have to use is the Clean Scene script. This is for technical artists which have made a huge change to a character rig and has the bad luck of a broken animation due to bad reference edits in the scene. The script will store all animation from the character, clean the reference and paste it back on the character. All animation should be left intact, including animation layers, but sadly any non-animation edits made to the referenced file will be lost. The time spent to redo the constraints or similar is little to nothing compared to redoing the animation from scratch.

Terms of Use

Axtended is free for all use. The only thing I’d like in return is a little message from you saying who you are and what you’re using it for. It would make my day. : )

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