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Cartoon shader is a stylized...

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Last Modified:03/22/2004
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Cartoon shader is a stylized non-photorealistic shader (NPRS) that mimics cartoon artwork. If the type of corners variable is set to edge this shader utilizes MTOR's Arbitrary Output Variables (AOV). This color shader connects color outputs to the AOVs __toonID (a unique shader ID) and __toonNfn (a normalized forward-facing normal as a color). You must declare them in the Secondary Display Settings under the renderman globals. The shader unique ID and the normalized forward-facing normal as a color can be used by an edge finding algorithm to produce an outline that will be later composited to produce the final image . This is the recommend choice if the shader is connected to polygonal geometry. If set to curved the shader draws an outline just like Pixar's Cel shader. Please refer to for instruction on how to use the template and how to composite the output with shake.

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