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joTools - Relighting based on Z-Depth and mate fix 1.0.0 for Nuke

Relighting Toolset based on P and N or just Z

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Last Modified:07/22/2007
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The joTools are some tools that help you 2 parts of your compositing.


The major set of tool is a bunch of nodes that allow you to relight you scene with a depth map only. Point directional and spot lights are supported. Several vector math tools are integrated.

You can either use one depth map to relight or bring in rendered position and normal passes to the system.


A byproduct is a node called joGradVec which can help you clean mates and restore motionblured keyings. See Michael Garett`s example file to see it in action.


The download is just the raw plugins. For a fully documented version which includes all the C++ code please download


I want to thank the NCCA here at bournemouth for their support.

Special thanks goes out to Michael Garett and Michael Ralla, two dudes that are really active on this board and helped me a lot! Thanks guys!

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