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Page Turn Animation
Page Turn Animation
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This Tutorial would teach you, how to turn a page in Maya, using Maya's skeleton setup.


1. In the Top view, create a default Nurbs Plane with TranslateX=2, ScaleX=4, ScaleY=4, ScaleZ=6, PatchesU=10, and PatchesV=10. ("Image1.jpg").


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2. Draw default nine Skeleton Joints as in "Image2.jpg".


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3. Select "joint1" and Shift select the "nurbsPlane2" and Smooth Bind.


4. Set a key for "joint1" on RotateZ at Frame1=0 and frame100=180("Image3.jpg").


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5. Set keys for the rest of the joints as in "Table.jpg". All keys should be applied to RotateZ. You can turn on "Auto Keyframe Toggle" for automatic key settings, while you change the values.


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6. Now your viewport should resemble "Image4.jpg".


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7. You can notice one problem on the animation. See "Image5.jpg" marked with red. The object should not leave the center point, as the paper would be hinged on the corner. To solve this, we can use "Paint Skin Weights Tool".


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8. Select the "nurbsPlane1" and open "Paint Skin Weight Tool" (Image6.jpg).


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9. Select "joint1" from the Influence list and Add weights as in Image7.jpg.


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Next "smooth" the weights 4 to 5 times ("Image8.jpg")


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10. Now, play some frames and by now the problem should have solved ("Image9.jpg").


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11. You can flatten all the keys in the graph editor


For multiple pages to turn - select "nurbsPlane1" and duplicate with "Duplicate Input Graph" turn ON. Then, move the keys for all the newly duplicated joints around 60 to 80 frames forward.


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You can download the completed scene file PageTurnAnimation.rar.



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Author: Prashanth VS
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