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Soft IK like XSI 1.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

A automating script for setting up Soft IK like Softimage XSI.

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Last Modified:03/11/2019
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This is a maya script for setting up Soft IK like Softimage's one we all adore. (but no stretch)
It's connection-based, no expression. so, amazingly fast!
XSIにあった、IKジョイントを伸ばし切った時の突っ張りを軽減する「Soft effetctor」 のmaya版です。(ストレッチは無し) 日本語ドキュメントがzipに入っています。

How to install
1. Put this script in a script folder like here.

2. Run lines below in python tab.
import soft_ik_maya_ui_no

Before execute it, there are several requirements.
- Joints should be X axis down. (3rd joint doesn't matter)
- IkHandle shouldn't have point-constraint or parent-constraint. (Pole vector constraint is OK)

How to use
- Run this script above to display UI.
- Set string in a text box. This is going to be prefix for new locaters.
- Select a ikHandle and a object that is going to point-constrain the ikHandle. (maybe a curve for controler, maybe a locater for position offset )
- Push the button.
- You can find a attribute "Soft IK dist" on the constrain-object you selected. Set value.

How to delete
- Delete "xxx_SoftIK_Aim" locater and below.
- Delete "Soft_IK_dist" attribute.

You can see how it works in Andy Nicholas's original blog post. Thank you so much for sharing, Andy!

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