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Red9 Studio Pack 1.4.3 for Maya (maya script)

A Powerful new pack aimed at speeding up workflow for animators and riggers

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  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

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Last Modified:05/29/2014
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Red9 StudioTools were born out of frustration, based on years of production experience building pipelines and toolsets around a modern animation workflow. It's aimed at those studios & individuals looking for a professional and integrated solution for dealing with complex rigs/setups but without the benefit of an R&D department to write bespoke solutions.

All key animation features run a filter under the hood that allows you to tailor the systems to your rig/ hierarchy, once configured the toolset hooks seamlessly to your solution, allowing animation mirroring, pose saving, rig and transform snapping, time management, key copying, attr copying and a host of other core features, all filtered internally to deal with your setup.

For the TD's there's a complete metaData api included with tons of reference video's showing you how to use it and subclass it for your own purposes, this is aimed at structuring rig networks under the hood. There's also powerful Python filtering and node matching classes exposed. Additional tools include AttrMaps for dealing with hierarchy locking and storing, as well as a SceneReview tool which is ideal for tracking comments on a shot by shot basis across a studio.

Why OpenSource, well I want to give something back to the industry as I really feel for those studios without the benefit of a large R&D department to craft pipelines around them. The Studio Pack is designed to speed up a modern animation pipeline.

All comments and suggestions are welcomed. 

Available on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

Mark Jackson

Main Features:

Animation Toolset:
This toolset is aimed to speed up animation workflow through simple yet powerful functionality. Many of these are tools which are sadly lacking in Maya by default, require custom scripts to achieve, or are implemented so basically that they're practically useless. The latest version has preset modes that are tailored so that the toolset automatically functions for a number of generic rigs off the net as well as HumanIK. This means you can do things like entire rig copying of Keys, channel data, poses, or even modify the entire world space of a character.
The Animation UI currently supports 6 core functions although this is expanding rapidly:
  • Copy Keys - Copy Keys between selected nodes, hierarchies or Character/Selection Sets. Very powerful but simple UI
  • Copy Attributes -  Copy attributes between selected nodes,hierarchies or Character/Selection stes.
  • Snap Transforms - Snap transform nodes together, either selected nodes, Character/Selection Sets members or carefully filtered nodes using the FilterNode calls. Capable of snapping full rig data over time.
  • Track or Stabilize – Either track objectA to objectB or stabilize objectA keeping it still regardless ofanimation inputs. This now supports Component level tracking.
  • TimeOffset – Offset animation data, audio and clip times in one go. Either at scene level, orselected nodes. New features include flocking and randomizer for animation times.
  • MirrorAnim/Pose - tools for mirroring animations and poses on rigs 
  • PoseSaver - Full PoseSaver with relative pose loading so you can load poses in an objects current or projected space. This also has a really neat method of adjusting an entire pose in world space with your skin as geo reference = PosePointCloud
  • MetaClass API - New MetaClass API for managing complex rig structures at a node level. Huge amount of work has gone into this! Fully integrated to the PoseSaver in MetaRig mode
  • Key Randomizer - for adding noise into animation curves 

      The NodeSearcher and the filterNode Api search code is the backbone of most of the studio code. The main functionality is an Intersection Searcher that runs 3 different filter function methods. These act together allowing you to find exact nodes either within complex hierarchy structures or at a Scene level.

      SceneReview tool:
      A new UI which acts like a post-it note and review tool for you scene. If you activate the Live mode then the UI will open when the scene is open, showing you the latest review. stores history and generates no nodes in the scene.

      A useful yet simple way to manage standard channel visibility for hierarchies. Very useful for riggers. Hopefully this is self explanatory.

      Simple UI that turns your mouse into a MoCap device. Allows you to 'Prime' attributes for recording then capture any changes in them. 

      Full system wide MetaNode search UI. Shows you exactly what MetaNodes are in the scene including child meta and subsystems. Simply double clicking on one in this ui will force select all child nodes connected, this also walks entire metaNode networks. On a properly setup MetaRig this is very useful as a selection mask for systems and sub-systems. 

      Specific UI for setting up the Mirror Arrays for the mirror calls. Also lets you store a preset for a rig so you can apply the mirror Markers to other rigs with the same setups. 

      Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
      Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
      Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
      Please rate and review in the Review section.

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